#iran BREAKING NEWS| Nasrin Sotoudeh Transferred Back to the General Ward at Evin Prison

Reza Khandan , the husband of incarcerated human rights lawyer Nasrin Sotoudeh now on the 34th day of her hunger strike, writes the following on his facebook page today:

I was just informed that following 19 days of solitary confinement, Nasrin was transferred back to Evin prison’s general female ward [where she was previously being kept] and is now with the rest of the female political prisoners.

This is the only news we have received.  We unfortunately have no news of her physical condition and well being and must await more detailed reports from inside Evin.

Reza Khandan
الان خبردارشدم كه نسرين را بعد از 19 روز انفرادي به بند عمومي (محل قبلي) و پيش بقيه‌ي خانم‌ها آورده‌اند. همين … و بيش از اين متاسفانه از وضعيت‌ او و سلامتي‌اش هيچ خبري ندارم. بايد منتظر بمانيم تا خبرهاي دقيق‌تري از وضعيت او به ما برسد

منبع :  فیسبوک رضا خندان

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