#iran Abolfazl Ghadyani: Let us name Dey 9th, 1388 as “The Day of Religious Despotism and Tyranny”!

GhadyaniIn a statement published from Evin prison’s ward 350 on the eve of December 30th, Abolfazl Ghadyani, veteran political activist and senior member the Mujahedin of the Islamic Revolution Organization [reformist group not to be confused with the MKO] blasts the government organized demonstrations held on December 30th, 2009 in response to the spontaneous post election rallies by millions of supporters of the Green movement stating:

Let us name Dey 9th, 1388 [December 30th, 2009] a day that represented the humiliation and failure of tyranny in the face of the democratic demands of the Iranian nation, The Day of Religious Despotism and Tyranny!

Let us for ever remember the humiliation of the oppressors on this day and be reminded of the cries of Hazrat-e-Zeinab [the daughter of Imman Ali ] when addressing Yazid’s court at a time when he was basking in his victory, a moving speech that not only exposed Yazid but continues to resonates in our public consciousness to this day.

In addition to symbolizing the weakness of the authoritarian ruling establishment, this Day of Religious Despotism and Tyranny is also the tale of the majestic grandeur of the Iranian nation’s Green Movement, for without a doubt the national rallies held by millions of Green supporters, particularly the rally held on June 15th of the same year, were one of the main reasons for the ludicrously infamous and farce [pro government] demonstrations of Dey 9th, 1388.

Indeed the organizers of the Dey 9th demonstrations , fully aware of their Supreme Leader’s [the velayat-e-faghih or absolute guardianship of the jurist] lack of confidence, organized such a show with the intent to do everything in their power to appease their deep routed insecurities, avarice, envy and malice. It goes without saying however, that organizing one hundred such fake shows of support are no match for the glorious Green Movement.

Excerpts from article published on Kaleme: http://www.kaleme.com/1391/10/09/klm-126598/

ابوالفضل قدیانی: نهم دی ماه را که نمایش دهنده حقارت و واماندگی استبداد در برابر خواست آزادی خواهانه ملت ایران است، روز “نکبت استبداد دینی” نام نهیم و همواره به یاد داشته باشیم که حقارت جائران در این روز از جمله اموری است که هرگز نباید از یادها فراموش شود چرا که فریاد و خطابه حضرت زینب (ع) در بارگاه یزید آن هنگام که پیروزمندانه باده ی فتح می پیمود چنان او را رسوا ساخت که تا امروز نیز کوس آن به گوش می رسد.

این روز “نکبت استبداد دینی” همچنین علاوه بر آنکه نشانه ای است از عجز مستبدانه حکایت از شکوه عظمت جنبش سبز ملت ایران نیز دارد چرا که بی شک یکی از عوامل بر پایی نمایش مضحک و رسوای نهم دی۸۸ را باید در حسادت مستبد ایران نسبت به راهپیمایی ملی میلیونی هوادران جنبش سبز به ویژه روز ۲۵خرداد همان سال جستجو کرد. در واقع برگزار کنندگان مراسم نه دی که به خوبی از عدم اعتماد به نفس ولی فقیه خود آگاه بوده اند با ترتیب دادن این نمایش قصد داشتند به هر شکل ممکن عقده عمیق بخل و حسادت و کینه توزی خود را اطفاء نمایند که البته داغ جنبش سبز آن چنان است که برگزاری صد نه دی دیگر نیز علاج کار نخواهد شد…

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