#iran Human Rights Lawyer Nasrin Sotoudeh Returns to Evin Prison While Her Children Cry Refusing to Let Go of Their Mom

ImageJanuary 21st, 2013 – From the Facebook of incarcerated human rights Lawyer Nasrin Sotoudeh’s husband Reza Khandan

“One can say that Nasrin was once again arrested” says Reza Khandan, the husband of incarcerated human rights lawyer Nasrin Sotoudeh who was finally granted a 3 day furlough after 2 years behind bars.

Khandan wrote the following status on his Facebook page approximately one hour ago:

Prior to granting her furlough, they had reiterated to Nasrin that this furlough would be rather long and in some ways permanent. Nasrin had made it clear that if that were not the case, she would not be willing to accept furlough from prison for only three days after two years of incarceration. Nasrin believed that a three day furlough would only lead to more distress for the children and cause them further psychological harm. Her logic and rationale were completely correct and her prediction turned out to be true.

Tonight at 11:00pm while the children were crying and refusing to let go of their mother, with our friends and supporters shocked that Nasrin had already been summoned back, Nasrin returned to Evin prison.

She emptied the suitcase she had prepared for our planned trip and instead refilled it with what she needed for prison and went back…!

Reza Khandan

می شود گفت که: نسرین بازداشت شد.
قبل از آمدن او به مرخصی با تاکید به او گفته بودند که این مرخصی طولانی و به نوعی دائمی خواهد بود. وگرنه نسرین اعلام کرده بود که حاضر نیست پس از 2 سال و نیم, به مدت 3 روز به مرخصی برود. مرخصی 3 روزه بیشتر موجب خواهد شد آرامش بچه ها از بین رفته و وضع روحی آنها به هم بریزد. استدلال او کاملا درست بود همین طور هم شد.

ساعت 11 امشب در حالی که بچه ها گریه میکردند و حاضر نبودند از مادرشان جدا شوند و از طرف دیگر همه ی دوستان و همراهان از این احضار شوکه بودند نسرین وارد زندان شد.
او چمدان مسافرت را که آماده کرده بود خالی و با وسایل زندان پر کرد و رفت … !!

منبع : فیسبوک رضا خندان

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