#iran BREAKING NEWS – Opposition Leader Mir Hossein Mousavi’s Daughters Arrested and Released After A Few Hours of Interrogation

ImageFebruary 11th, 2013 – Kaleme reports that opposition leader Mir Hossein Mousavi’s two younger daughters Narges and Zahra were arrested at their homes early this morning and released after a few hours of interrogation.

Mousavi’s oldest daughter Kokab made the following statements to Kaleme regarding the events of this morning: “They provided no reason for their arrest, but in our opinion they seek to divert attention from the recent scandals plaguing the ruling establishment. My sisters were arrested because they wish to cover up the recent disputes and power struggles such as the latest debacle in the parliament and the disgraceful events that took place at Hazrate Masoumeh’s shrine.”

Kokab Mousavi added: “Narges called and informed me that the agents were at her home. She asked me to go there to watch over her young child. They told her that the arrest would be for a few hours only and that she would have to respond to a few questions. As for Zahra, her husband was there when they arrived and arrested her.”

In closing Mousavi’s oldest daughter stated: ” On the eve of February 14th and as we enter into the third year of their house arrest the further intensification of illegal moves by the ruling establishment was predictable.”

Kaleme reports that the opposition leaders daughters were released after a few hours of interrogation. Further details regarding the arrest will be published shortly and translated as soon as they become available.


Kaleme: http://www.kaleme.org/1391/11/23/klm-133013/

Kaleme: http://www.kaleme.org/1391/11/23/klm-133060/

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