‘We Choose’ is a global initiative which seeks to promise people’s basic right t…

‘We Choose’ is a global initiative which seeks to promise people’s basic right to choose their own destiny through free, democratic and secure political participation.

This mission is based on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights: “the will of the people shall be the basis of the authority of government; this will shall be expressed in periodic and genuine elections which shall be by universal and equal suffrage”.

To this end, a team led by chess grandmaster and democracy activist Garry Kasparov has built a Virtual Voting Platform which allows any citizen worldwide to cast their vote in an open, free and secure virtual election process.

This platform was successfully implemented for the first time in Russia (October 2012), by the Democratia2.Ru team headed by Garry Kasparov and Dr. Leonid Volkov, and is now being expanded to countries worldwide with improved security measures.

To ensure neutrality and objectivity, this platform is funded solely by private donors and not by any government and is headed by the global committee of ‘We Choose’.

The committee would like to invite people of all nationalities to share this idea and participate in the implementation of the global value of free choice. The platform has emerged from the world’s civil society and any involvement or contribution of ideas, comments or criticisms by people worldwide is appreciated. Please see the ‘Take Action’ page for more information.

‫طرح انتخابات آزاد مجازی برای ایران – سپیده دم‬
‫در بیانیه مطبوعاتی این گروه آمده است «هدف اين سامانۀ انتخاباتی مجازی شبيه سازی رای گيری آزاد و عادلانه است، که نتيجه آن خواست واقعی مردم ايران را منعکس کند.‬

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