Banafsheh Zand: Iranian regime once again, organizes its thugs to attack and thr…

Banafsheh Zand: Iranian regime once again, organizes its thugs to attack and threaten world!

Iranian regime winds up it's thugs to threaten Brazilian model and actress Fernanda Lima with rape and murder. The claim is that because the FIFA, the international Soccer federation used her for the world cup lottery, the Iranian regime refused to broadcast the lottery program. Soon after the "Iranian regime's thugs zeroed in on her, found her name, address and contact information and within minutes, attacked and threatened her on Facebook, with rape and sexual violation. She has been called a 'whore' and have blamed HER personally for having an agenda against the Iranian regime, which is why she dressed in 'such a way', all to make sure that Iran does not broadcast the show.

What's interesting is that though this seems like random users of Facebook, etc. it's actually an organized movement by the Iranian regime as the very same thing was done to Laurent Fabius, the French foreign minister, following the Geneva agreement, where he was cussed out and threatened, within hours of the news of his comments by an organized and mass attack and raft of invective and threats. figures on Facebook

‫سرویس جهانی بی بی سی گزارش میدهد: فرناندا لیما و لباسی که ایران را دچار شوک کرد! ‬
‫پس از لیونل مسی بازیکن آرژاننینی، و فرناندا لیما نوبت به مهاجم بوسنیایی منچسترسیتی انگلیس رسیده تا در فیس بوک به وی حمله شود‬

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