Heshmat Tabarzadi will return to prison tomorrow His furlough was brief but lef…

Heshmat Tabarzadi will return to prison tomorrow

His furlough was brief but left behind an exceptional memory. In the hope that we shall forever keep aflame this torch of home, God protect him.

"Although I know that my presence outside would be to the benefit of the democratic movement, and although I would prefer to be among my family and, in particular, besides my aged and suffering who, however, is both a lioness and kindly, my presence among my imprisoned comrades and in that other stronghold of the struggle, i.e., prison, comforts me, particularly since I know that this latest imprisonment will make it impossible for anyone to put up a pretense in international gatherings and that it be claimed that the human rights situation has been improved with the arrival of Hasan Rouhani. I wanted such an outcome and realize, of course, that historical necessities will force the regime to retreat step by step under current circumstances, but this is a long way off. Under the present circumstances, I am in complete health and as long as special circumstances are not imposed upon me, I will not launch a hunger strike. But if special circumstances should arrive, the responsibility for this will be on Khamenei and the rulers."

Translation by Evan Evan Siegel

‫حشمت طبرزدی: شاید توده‌ها مفهوم سکولار را ندانند، اما چیزی که نمی خواهند حکومت ملاهاست – سپیده دم‬
‫فردا به زندان بر می گردم.یک سال از مرخصی‌ام گذشت. با این حساب از ۸ سال حبس، ۴ سال ان باقی مانده است. پیش تر نیز ۷ سال زندانی بوده‌ام اگر چه از سال ۷۸ تا کنون، سالی نبوده که در زندان نبوده باشم. امروز از دادستانی زنگ زدند و اعلام کردند که به زندان رجایی شهر بر گردم. همان گونه که بار‌ها گفته بودم به خ…‬

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