#iran Iran’s Ruling Establishment Sites Security Measures as Reason For Delays in Mir Hossein Mousavi’s Medical Treatment | Narges Mousavi Warns that the Family Will Do Whatever it Takes to Ensure that Medical Protocols are Followed!

10175983_471871466279866_821329576644191512_nMay 8th, 2014 [Kaleme – Mehdi Sharif] – Narges Mousavi criticizes the indifference of the ruling establishment towards her father’s medical condition, expressing concern over the continued delay in providing her father with the critical medical attention he needs. The opposition leader’s youngest daughter states:  “Although our parents had been incommunicado this past week, we were hopeful that our father’s medical needs had been taken seriously and that the necessary procedures had been initiated. Unfortunately it has not been the case.  We have been told that his treatment was delayed as a result of security related issues. They have promised us however, to commence his treatment by a predefined date.” Narges Mousavi warns: “We are extremely worried about the well being of both our parents and will do everything necessary to ensure that they receive the necessary medical treatment they need.”

The full content of Narges Mousavi’s interview with Kaleme is as follows:

It has been reported that you were allowed to visit with your parents in Akhtar prison.  How are they doing? What is the status of your father’s medical treatment?

We had been kept in the dark from Tuesday April 29th, 2014  when my father was taken to the hospital without our knowledge and underwent a series of tests including a coronary angiogram.  Despite the fact that we had no contact with our parents last week, we were hopeful that the necessary medical protocols had been followed and that he had received treatment.  Unfortunately this has not been the case. We have been been promised however that his treatment will begin by predefined date.  Based on our visit this morning, I can say that there has been no significant change in the condition of my parents.  The fact that our father’s blood pressure has dropped several times recently continues to concern us. Our mother is also suffering from fluctuating blood sugar levels. We are extremely concerned for the well being of our parents and we will do everything necessary to ensure that they receive adequate medical treatment.

Have security officials explained why Mr. Mousavi’s medical treatment has been delayed?

Apparently they believe that there are some security issues that need to be coordinated.  Though I must say that I don’t understand why coordinating the security requirements would be so complicated. If my father’s health was important to them, they would have taken care of the coordination issues long ago. In any event, they have now given us a specific date, and promised that as soon as the security conditions have been met, our father’s treatment will begin.

How would you describe your father’s spirits following his angiogram last week?

My father is in excellent spirits.  He was very loving and remains strong and determined. We are not worried about his spirits.  Our parents have always a source of encouragement to us, keeping our spirits high.  It is their physical health and well being that we are worried about.  We are concerned about all the delay tactics and indifference.

Source: Kaleme http://j.mp/1qkeOcu


کلمه – مهدی شریف:

با گذشت یک هفته از انتقال میرحسین به زندان خانگی پس از یک شب بستری بودن در بیمارستان، همچنان پروسه درمانی او آغاز نشده است.

نرگس موسوی دختر کوچک میرحسین موسوی که روز سه شنبه موفق به دیدار پدر و مادرش در زندان اختر شده بود، در گفت و گو با خبرنگار کلمه نسبت به این بی تفاوتی ها و تعلل در درمان نخست وزیر دوران جنگ انتقاد کرده و در عین حال می گوید: به ما قول دادند که به زودی و به محض محقق شدن شرایط در تاریخ مشخصی پروسه درمانی پدر آغاز شود.

متن این گفت و گو که در روز سه شنبه انجام شده، به شرح زیر است:‌

خانم موسوی، امروز شما توانستید پدر و مادرتان را در زندان خانگی ملاقات کنید. شرایط جسمی ایشان چگونه بود؟‌ وضعیت درمانی پدر را چگونه دیدید؟

از روز سه شنبه، یعنی زمانی که آنژیوگرافی پدر بدون اطلاع خانواده انجام شد، ما تا یک هفته از ایشان بی خبر بودیم و فقط امیدوار بودیم که درمان شروع شده باشد. چون پزشکان تجویز کرده بودند که بازیابی توانایی قلبی باید روی ایشان انجام شود تا مشکلشان حل شود. ما هم امیدوار بودیم در این یک هفته که بی اطلاع بودیم، این اتفاق افتاده باشد و درمان پدر جدی گرفته شده باشد. اما متاسفانه بنا به دلایلی هنوز این کار انجام نشده. ولی یک تاریخی را مشخص کرده اند و به ما قول داده اند تا آن زمان پدر وارد پروسه درمانی بشوند.

به طور خلاصه که بخواهم بگویم، در آخرین ملاقاتی که امروز داشتیم، شرایط تفاوت عمده ای نکرده بود. افت چند باره فشار خون ایشان هم ما را نگران کرده است.

مادر هم دچار نوسان قند خون شده اند و ما از بابت سلامت ایشان به شدت نگرانیم و هر کاری بتوانیم در جهت پیشبرد مسائل درمانی پدر و مادرمان انجام می دهیم.

آیا مسئولان و مقامات امنیتی دلیل مشخصی برای تاخیر یک هفته ای در درمان آقای موسوی به شما ارائه دادند؟

ظاهرا می گفتند مشکلات امنیتی وجود داشته و باید هماهنگی هایی انجام می شده. هرچند به نظر نمی رسد این هماهنگی ها چندان کار مشکلی بوده باشد و اگر واقعا این ماجرا برایشان اهمیت داشت زودتر از اینها اقدام می کردند. اما در نهایت به ما قول دادند که به زودی و به محض محقق شدن شرایط در تاریخ مشخصی پروسه درمانی پدر آغاز شود.

روحیه آقای موسوی بعد از عمل هفته گذشته چگونه بود؟‌

بسیار عالی. پدر بسیار استوار و محکم و خیلی گرم بود. در اصل ما نگران روحیه آنها نیستیم. خود ما همیشه از پدر و مادرمان روحیه گرفته ایم. ما نگران سلامت و حال جسمی شان هستیم، نگران تعلل ها و بی تفاوتی ها هستیم.


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